NRF 2022: What to be on the lookout for

Jan. 10, 2022

Got your name tag ready? NRF’s Big Show is back in person this year—set to kick off this Sunday, January 16, through Tuesday, January 18, in New York City.

  • Covid safety protocols will be in full effect: All attendees are required to show proof of vaccination and be masked indoors at all times. PCR tests will also be available on site.

The schedule is jam-packed, even if everyone will be encouraged to stay six feet apart. Here’s a look at what we have our eyes on.

Seeing green: You can’t have a conference—retail-focused or not—and not talk about sustainability. The CEO (and chief sustainability officer) of Ikea US will explain why tackling climate change is now an imperative part of the business, while Levi’s chief supply chain officer plans to dive into the company’s “clean jeans.”

  • Target and Grove Collaborative will also share what it takes for eco-friendly brands to win over consumers.

Please stay: We talked about loyalty as a trend to watch for 2022 — same goes at NRF. Albertsons’ CEO will share how the grocer is using tech to keep shoppers coming back. And the president of Disney’s consumer products, games, and publishing division will focus on the magnetic draw of experiences.

Lightning round: Quick buzzword checklist: Metaverse? Covered. Live-streaming? Yup. Resale? You know it (and you need to know it’s coming to the store). And…congested ports? That’s an (Ever) given.

  • There’s even a session on how retailers can tackle counterfeit goods.

Name drop: The CEOs of Best Buy, PepsiCo, Saks, Target, and Walmart US are among those headlining can’t-miss keynote sessions. The Honest Company’s founder Jessica Alba and CEO Nick Vlahos were also on the list, set to close out The Big Show on Tuesday, but the pair said last week they would no longer attend due to the fast-spreading omicron variant.