What does the monthly invoice include?

  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Data from online and in store
  • Security
  • Cleaning
  • Storage

How does security work?

One month of security due at signing.

How does opening and closing the store work?

We will have sent someone to the location to open and close the store at the beginning and end of everyday.

What are store hours?

Depending on the use, the store hours are generally 8AM-7PM.

Are employees included? - if not, how does it work?

Staff is not included, but we do offer to hire employees for any use inside of the store for you at an additional cost. You can hire a specialized person specific for your company only, or you can share an employee with another business at a reduced price. Reach out to get pricing for employees.

Is there a profit cut when selling items?

There is no profit cut in the physical retail store. There is a profit share when it comes to our ecommerce website. Reach out to get more information on the % of sales.

How does the cash register work?

Unless you would like to use your own register, we offer a shared register program through a platform, which will show individual sales from each company.

How long do the leases have to be?

The minimum subscription/lease term is 6 months, we are currently working on a pop up section which will be a minimum of 1 week term.

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